The Snark: Exercising with a Housewife, a Southern Charm Party Trick, Doing Nothing for a Buck, and Wonka

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On The Real Housewives of Dallas  we are getting a little exercise when we hit the treadmill with Kameron and her dog Fanci.

It’s baby momma questions and party tricks with a can of coke thanks to Kathryn on Southern Charm.  Kids…don’t do this at home….

Want to get paid to do nothing?   A Chinese man is offering his “do-nothing’ services and making big bucks for it.  But DJ thinks he could do the job a lot better…and so do we…

A prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the works  and with what Derek says is a one word title…Wonka.  And of course, that leaves the door open for another one of DJ’s really inappropriate jokes.

And after the Snark we get a troubling confession from our new co-host Lauren.

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