The Snark: The Weekend’s Show, Lil Uzi’s Bling, a Biological Time Clock, a Drunk Southerner, and Nicole’s Funny Fail

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A look back at yesterday’s big halftime show with The Weekend…was it really worth $17 million?

Speaking of wasting money…rapper Lil Uzi Vert showed up at the Super Bowl showing off his $24 million diamond that was implanted on his forehead…apparently there was nothing else in his head that the doc was worried about damaging.

On the season premier of Summer House (yes…another dumb reality show)…third-person Lindsay is working on her timeline for marriage and babies.

Looks like someone had a few adult beverages before they showed up for the Southern Charm reunion.

The folks at Instapot definitely will never want our own Nicole doing a commercial for them…but Derek will use this clip over, and over again…

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