Man Stages Elaborate Crime Scene To Get A Day Off Work

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Job security is always a concern, and especially during the pandemic. We asked Nicole Anderson, CEO of Mend HR Solutions and Recruiting, to reveal the number one reason people get fired. She says, “The number one reason that employees lose their job is their attitude, they’re not team players, they are toxic in the work environment and they work on their own. And I always tell employees that your attitude determines your opportunity.”

Anderson says other reasons people get fired include not being truthful on their application about education, inconsistencies about their job history on their resume and LinkedIn, hiding a mistake from their boss, and being late for work.

This will also get your fired. Police arrested 19-year-old Brandon Soules for reporting false information after they say he faked his own kidnapping earlier this month, all in an effort to get out of going to work that day. Soules admitted to police that he stuffed his mouth with a bandana, and tied his hands up with his belt and then laid on the ground and waited for someone to see him. Commander Mark Tercero of the Coolidge Police Department in Arizona says, “He informed us that he was hit in the head and stuffed in a car in front of his home and this occurred after 7 o’clock in the morning, but when we located video surveillance in front of his home we were able to see no such thing.”

That’s not all. Soules also said the “so-called” kidnapping was over a large amount of money that his father had hid somewhere around town. He later admitted that he made the whole thing up because he did not want to go to work. His employer, Tire Factory, fired him.

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