Donut Diplomacy: Krispy Kreme Offers Free Donuts If You Get COVID Vaccine

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Krispy Kreme is offering a sweet treat for anyone with proof of vaccination. Starting Monday, the donut chain says it will give out a free glazed doughnut to each of its vaccinated customers. All you have to do is show a valid COVID-19 vaccination card to get the freebie.

The deal is available at all 369 Krispy Kreme locations in the country. WCCB asked Krispy Kreme if people who show their vaccine card get a free doughnut more than one time (as in, show up Tuesday for a doughnut, then return on Friday to get another)? Krispy Kreme says yes. We asked When does the promotion end? Krispy Kreme tells us it runs through 2021

This promotion has been talked a lot on social media. One person wrote, “In 2 years Tom Hanks is gonna win an Oscar for playing the guy at Krispy Kreme whose idea to give out a free donut every day for a year to anyone getting vaccinated ultimately saved our nation, isn’t he?” And, “I’d drop off my whole medical file for free donuts.”

We wanted to hear from you, so we sent Edge photographer Ed Antonelli to South End. UNCC student Taff Smith says, “A free donut everyday after you get your COVID shot? I’ve never been more exited to get a needle in my arm.”

Steele Creek resident Christopher Perreault says, “Being that I get a free donut everyday, this will be the first place I come after I get my shot. Donuts aren’t too bad for you as long as you keep them to one a day. I guess one a day for the rest of the year, I guess you can still stay in shape. You could fit them in the macros.”

And South End resident Brooke Murad says, “I was already planning on getting my shot, so getting free donuts on top of it is huge.”

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