Zoom Escaper: The Tool You Need To Get You Out Of Your Next Endless Work Zoom Call

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The term “reinvent work” is trending on Twitter. It comes as communications platform Slack held a virtual event for all of its followers with the hopes of changing the idea of how we all work. The company conducted a Twitter poll, asking, “When work gets back to ‘normal,’ where do you see yourself?”

44.5% said they want a hybrid schedule
31.6% said they want to work from home full-time
17.8 % said they want to work in the office
6% don’t know

And, if you are tired of work Zoom meetings, there is a remedy for that. Enter Zoom Escaper, a tool that allows you to sabotage your own audio call with the urgent sounds of a barking dog, crying baby, construction noise, wind, and more, giving you the perfect excuse to drop off a call. The free software created by artist and educator Sam Lavigne.

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