Nike 1, Satan Shoes, 0: Judge Sides With Shoe Giant Over Lil Nas X Sneakers That Feature Human Blood

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It looks like Nike has won the battle over Lil Nas X’s Limited Edition “Satan Shoe,” and could win the war. Thursday, a federal judge granted Nike’s temporary restraining order against the New York art collective, MSCHF, that created the shoes in collaboration with the rapper.

That means for now, the $1,018 satanic-themed shoes can not be sold and orders cannot be filled. Nike sued the design company on Monday. Its lawyers argued consumers associated Nike with the devilish shoes, and even threatened to boycott them.

The shoes feature a pentagram, an upside down cross, and a drop of human blood mixed with red ink in the sole. The blood was donated by six of the MSCHF creative team’s members. Co-Creative Director Kevin Weisner says, “I did (donate), indeed. So you have this little little tiny needle, and you poke that into your fingertip. You squeeze out a dozen drops a day, and at end of it, you end up with 666 drops.” That’s one drop of blood one for each of the Limited Edition 666 pairs. MSCHF’s attorneys compared the modified shoes to art, and said every pair except one had already been shipped.

Thursday, the judge said the case will continue, but it’s likely Nike will prevail in its trademark claims.

Our question of the night: will the Satan Shoes harm Lil Nas X’s reputation in the long run?

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