COVID News Round-Up: Oral Vaccine, Cash For Getting Vaccinated, & More


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As of Monday, everyone living in North Carolina who is 16 years old or older can get the COVID-19 vaccine. Right now, 16 and 17-year-olds can only get the Pfizer vaccine, but people 18 and older can get any of the three authorized vaccines. No photo ID or insurance is needed. Depending on where you get your vaccine, you may need to make an appointment. We have more details on how to book an appointment here.

If intramuscular vaccines aren’t your thing, sit tight because COVID protection could be coming in the form of a pill. LA Lakers co-owner Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is also the founder of a company called ImmunityBio. He is working with a team of researchers to determine if a series of pills can replace injections. Dr. Soon-Shiong says the value of ImmunityBio’s oral vaccine is that it generates “killer T cells” that target the center of the coronavirus, which is less prone to mutation. The oral vaccine is only in experimental stages, and test subjects will be closely monitored for the next year.

And, if you’re going to make your vaccine appointment or have one coming up, Sam Adams is giving out cash. Starting April 12th, if you post your vaccination sticker or Band-Aid, the company will send you $7 through Cash App for a beer at your favorite bar. You’ve gotta include #ShotForSam and @SamuelAdamsBeer in your IG post or tweet. Then check your accounts for a direct message.

Here’s an important note: Sam Adams says to post only the picture of your sticker or Band-Aid, not your vaccine card! As WCCB’s Alexandra Elich has reported, experts say they are seeing a disturbing trend where fake vaccination certificates and COVID test are being sold on the dark web. And the president of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont says by sharing your vaccine card online, it makes it easier for the scammers. Tom Bartholomy says, “Some of them put in your full name, including your middle name but also your date of birth. So that middle name and that date of birth part, critical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to identity theft.”

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