2 DoorDash Drivers Try To Game Company Algorithm To Drive Up Rates

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Two DoorDash drivers are trying to game the app’s algorithm with the help of fellow drivers. They want to persuade their peers to turn down the lowest-paying deliveries so the automated system for matching jobs with drivers will respond by raising pay rates. Dave Levy and Nikos Kanelopoulos started #DeclineNow Facebook group in October of 2019. They urge members to reject any delivery that doesn’t pay at least $7, more than double the current base fee of $3.

But Reddit users are pointing out the obvious problem in the pair’s plan. One user saying quote, “these idiots are ruining it for the people that already know what they’re doing. We’re already seeing more hidden tips,” and “I love DoorDash for how much money it makes me. The reality is that if these people were truly not making enough money doing DoorDash, why not just move on to something else instead of making a stupid ‘movement’ out of it.”

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