Wife Of Buffalo Bills Player Calls Vaccine Requirement To Attend Games “Unconstitutional”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – An NFL wife is in the hot seat after a Twitter rant about new COVID rules for the upcoming season. Rachel Bush is the wife of Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer. The Buffalo Bills play in Erie County, New York. The Erie County Executive announced that all fans and staff must be fully vaccinated to attend games this fall.

Bush, who says she recently had COVID, took to Twitter. She called the move “unconstitutional,” and said she is “alarmed” she is by “the amount of Americans that think it’s perfectly okay for the government to force an experimental vaccine on citizens.” She says she shouldn’t have to be force to get a vaccine to see her husband play live. Poyer, so far, hasn’t spoken publicly about his wife’s tweets.

Other people did weigh in, though. One person tweeted, “Is attending a Bills game a right in the constitution? I did a quick scan just now and didn’t see it. Maybe I missed something.” Bush is also promoting a petition, calling on the Bills to challenge the new vaccine mandates.

Our question of the night: should you be made to get the vaccine to attend large events?

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