S.C. Health Officials Urge Parents To Get Kids Vaccinated For COVID-19 Before Summer Break

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina health officials are urging parents to fight against COVID-19 by vaccinating their children, 12-years-old and up, before summer break begins.

Health officials say the start of summer may spark a sense of normalcy, but it is more important than ever for eligible South Carolinians to get their COVID-19 vaccination.

The DHEC says children and unvaccinated adults can still spread the disease to vulnerable people including elderly adults, people with preexisting conditions, or kids under 12-years-old who can’t get vaccinated. To stop the spread it is important for all eligible residents to get vaccinated.

“Children can easily infect their parents, grandparents, teachers, and others that they will have close contact with who may have a higher risk of severe illness,” said Dr. Linda Bell, State Epidemiologist. “For this reason, we urge parents to consider the risk of serious complications and protect their children, themselves, and others from COVID-19 infection.”

Health officials say while children are less likely to suffer complications from getting COVID-19, the virus can still cause some issues including Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (which can lead to kidney failure, heart problems, and severe blood clotting).

The COVID-19 vaccine will significantly decrease the chances of suffering from these types of complications if one contracts the disease, according to the DHEC.

Parents are encouraged to check out the DHEC’s webpage for vaccinating this specific age group here.