Reggie Bush Wants His Heisman Trophy Back Now That College Athletes Can Get Paid

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Former Duke basketball star J.J. Redick is sounding off on the NCAA’s decision to allow athletes to profit on their name image and likeness, or nil, while in college. Redick tweeted “From 2004-2006, I would have made a bag on NIL endorsements. Sadly — I would have blown it all on Natty Light and Lacoste polos (with the collars popped, of course),” Redick played for Duke from 2002-06.

Redick is not the only professional athlete sounding off on the decision.

Reggie Bush, the former University of Southern California star, says he wants his Heisman Trophy and college football records reinstated. In 2010, Bush was forced to forfeit the coveted award after an NCAA investigation concluded that he received impermissible benefits, including several thousand dollars and a vehicle while at USC, and he was ineligible as of 2004.

The now 36-year-old says he and his representatives have reached out to the NCAA and the Heisman Trust with the request and haven’t gotten a positive response.

Our question of the night: should Reggie Bush get his award and stats back?

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