Tennessee State Freshman Hercy Miller Signs Endorsement Deal For $2M; His Coach Will Make A $200,000 Salary

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Governor Roy Cooper has issued an executive order that sets standards for college and university policies on athletes who may receive payments tied to their celebrity status. Cooper’s order prevents athletes from engaging in name, image, likeness (NIL) deals with companies that are “antithetical to the values of the institution or that association with the product or brand may negatively impact the image of the institution.” And, schools may limit athletes from “compensation regarding name, image, and likeness of a student-athlete during official team activities or institution-sponsored events.”

Many athletes are already cashing in on their celebrity status and the NCAA’s name image and likeness decision. Ahead of his freshman year at Tennessee State, Master P’s son, Hercy Miller has signed a $2M endorsement deal to become a brand ambassador for Web Apps America, a tech company specializing in web, mobile and software solutions.

To put Miller’s new payment in perspective, the Tennessee State basketball coach, Brian Collins, makes $200k a year.

Our question of the night: is it fair that some athletes may make more money than others with the new NIL decision?

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