DaBaby Debacle: Charlotte Rapper Faces Criticism For Teaching 2 Teens A Lesson After They Tried To Overcharge Him For Candy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte native and Grammy-nominated rapper DaBaby is facing criticism on social media after a video surfaced online showing him trying to buy candy from two teens who claimed they were trying to raise money.

DaBaby jumps out of his van and the kids immediately recognize him. He asked them how much they want for all the boxes of candy and the teens say $200, but DaBaby gets them to admit the actual cost for all the candy would be $68.

The two teens ended up selling two bags of candy to the rapper for one dollar each. When DaBaby got back in his van, he told them he was going to give them $200 before they tried to hustle him.

Some Twitter users felt $200 would be nothing for the rapper, and he should have given it to them anyway. One person wrote: “I know y’all did not made them kids wanting $200 from DaBaby for that candy about integrity. Not when this generation of rappers flaunts their wealth in the most disgusting ways in front of these same kids who support them.”

Others disagreed, with one person saying: “This is a lesson learned!! They thought they could get over. Now they just need to get over it.”

Our question of the night: do you think DaBaby is in the wrong here?

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