Edge On The Clock: LeBron James On Track To Be A Billionaire By End Of 2021

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – LeBron James is on track to be a billionaire by the end of this year. According to Forbes, James is the NBA’s top earning player for the seventh straight year. He’s expected to earn more than $95 million this year, including an estimated $64 million from endorsements, memorabilia and media. The new Space Jam film, set to release Friday, will reportedly push him into the three comma club.

Plus, Kraft’s new Mac and Cheese ice cream turned out to be a big hit! The demand for the unique dessert was so huge, that the website crashed within 9 minutes of it going on sale.

And, a teenager will fly into space with Jeff Bezos next week. 18-year-old Oliver Daemen will become the youngest person to ever go to space as he is set to take off with Bezos on the new Shepard rocket on Tuesday.

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