Doctor Posts About Treating Young, Unvaccinated Patients: “They Thought It Was A Hoax. They Thought It Was Political.”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Young, unvaccinated patients are begging for the COVID-19 vaccine as they fight for their lives at an Alabama hospital. Dr. Brytney Cobia shared in a Facebook post, that she has to deliver the heartbreaking news that it is too late for a vaccine by the time she sees them. Cobia wrote, “They cry. And they tell me they didn’t know. They thought it was a hoax. They thought it was political. They thought because they had a certain blood type or a certain skin color they wouldn’t get as sick. They thought it was ‘just the flu.’ But they were wrong. And they wish they could go back. But they can’t.”

Our question of the night: what will it take to get more people vaccinated?

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