NFL Says Teams Who Have COVID Outbreaks May Have To Forfeit And Give Up Their Pay That Week

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The NFL is making its new COVID-19 policy clear: any outbreak among unvaccinated players or staff members will forfeit that week’s game and be credited as a loss if the game can’t be rescheduled during the 18 week season. That’s according to a memo sent to all teams Thursday.

Also, if a game is postponed and cannot be rescheduled, players from both teams will not receive their scheduled salary. The memo also states the team with the outbreak will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred by the opposing team.

The league saw an increase in COVID-19 vaccination rates this week. Right now, all 32 NFL teams are above the 50 percent vaccine threshold.

Our question of the night: how many teams do you think will have to forfeit next season?

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