UNC Chapel Hill Professor Sounds Alarm That Some Students Are Submitting Fake Vaccination Cards To The University

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is requiring students to either get vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to regular testing. But some students are going the extra mile to avoid both, and are instead purchasing fake vaccination cards.

A UNC professor sounded the alarm on Twitter. He says he spoke with worried UNC students who knew how to buy a fake COVID-19 vaccine card and knew of others who submitted one to the university. Even students are concerned. Student Simone Palmore says, “It is really disturbing the lengths that some students are willing to go to subvert the university requirements.” Palmore continues, “And these students are going to be able to do subvert the regular testing while also not being protected from the virus.”

With the surge of the Delta variant, and the fall semester just two weeks away, some hope UNC will crack down a littler harder. UNC Chapel Hill dental student JD Boyd says, “To me, the type of people who would fake a vaccine card are the type of people who might go to parties and get COVID, and that’s the group I think should be tested weekly.”

“I think if there was a vaccine requirement, the university will be forced to look more closely at these vaccination cards and verify that they are in fact legitimate,” adds Palmore.

Chapel Hill is aware of the issue and responded told WRAL in Raleigh, “Providing false information about a vaccination status is a violation of the University honor code and may result in disciplinary action such as suspension from the University.”

Our question of the night: do you think the University will have enough time to spot the fake vaccine cards?

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