Doctor Writes Note For Woman Out Sick From Work

UNITED KINGDOM– A woman woke up feeling sick so she decided it was not a good idea to go into work. She called up her boss at the grocery store where she worked. She told him that she felt like she may be coming down with the flu.

The boss was not happy with her decision to stay out of work so he tried to convince her to come in. When she refused, the employer told her she needed to get a note from a doctor. The woman went to her doctor who gladly wrote her a note out of work.

He informed the grocery store boss that it was illegal for him to require a doctor’s note from the woman. In England, an employee can be out of work for seven days or less without needing a doctor’s note. The doctor ended up writing the woman out of work for two weeks.

The grocery store boss was given a final warning for pressing the employee about getting that note from the doctor’s office.