Florida Governor Threatens To Withhold Pay From Local School Leaders If They Mandate Masks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The debate over mask mandates for school districts in Florida leads to a financial face-off. This, as Governor Ron DeSantis released a statement saying the State Board of Education can withhold pay from local school board members and superintendents if they say teachers and students have to mask up on campus.

DeSantis says parents, not school officials, should decide if their child wears a mask. He also argues that there have not been enough studies done to protect children from the side affects of wearing a mask. DeSantis says, “What are the harmful effects of putting a kindergartner in a mask for seven hours? Have they talked about the emotional, the academic, the physiological? Why isn’t CDC studying that? They’ve had a lot of time to do it and yet you don’t do it.”

This comes as Florida is seeing a major surge in COVID-19, with more than 134,000 new cases last week, an all-time high for the state over a seven-day span. The Florida Department of Health says the new case positivity rate for children under the age of twelve is nearly 21%.

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