A Mooresville Man Going Viral After Calling Out Anti-Vaxxers In TikTok Video

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Jason Arena posted a video on TikTok days after his wife with stage 4 breast cancer was in the hospital. The Mooresville man tells WCCB he rushed his wife, Marilyn, to get fluid drained in August. He says she was there two days, and instead of keeping her longer and draining the fluid, she was discharged because there were no beds left in the hospital because of covid. The video called out anti-vaxxers and went viral with 5 million views.

“If you really think that covid’s not a big deal and it’s not this that, and the other and you don’t get the vaccine, stick to your (expletive) guns and keep your (expletive) at home. Stop running to the hospital, putting everybody else at risk,” Arena says in the video.

Unfortunately, Arena’s wife passed away on August 20th.

“All that I’m telling you is responsible with your decision. Have some accountability for your actions. Stop putting everybody else’s life at risk when you go to the hospital because that’s exactly what you’re doing,” Arena says.

Governor Roy Cooper says covid metrics are declining slightly, but more work has to be done.

“We want to bring down the surveillance number of people coming to the emergency room with symptoms of Covid. It’s going down, but it’s still a lot higher than we want it to be,” says Governor Cooper.

Arena is starting The Marilyn Arena Foundation within the next month. It will benefit Metastatic Breast Cancer patients.