CMS Employees Will Be Asked To Provide Proof Of Vaccination Status; Anyone Who Doesn’t Will Have To Take A Mandatory Weekly Covid Test

CHARLOTTE, NC. — CMS teacher Steve Oreskovic says he’s glad that starting next week, district employees will be asked to provide proof of vaccination status. Anyone who doesn’t will have to take a mandatory weekly covid test. Phased testing will begin with unvaccinated elementary school staff the week of September 27th.

“It made me feel that the district is taking this seriously and that, you know, hopefully, catch things before there’s any huge issues. And yeah, ultimately keep us safer,” Oreskovic says.

According to the CMS metrics dashboard, out of the nearly 144,000 students in the district, there were 382 new covid cases among students last week and 65 positive staff members.

Teacher Kaitline Reid does not like the new protocol and let school board members know how she feels.

“Tell them no, stand up for your rights. Tonight, I’m saying no. I am standing up for my rights,” Reid says.

Families will have the opportunity to opt-in students for diagnostic testing. Carolyn McGrath is a CMS parent. She’s relieved the district is taking these measures.

“As a parent, I find it a relief that CMS continues to find ways to better improve their policies and help make sure that the students and the staff are safe,” McGrath says.