Morning Brew: One Man Has Gone Viral For A Rose Tattoo And A Woman Shares A Wine Hack You May Want To Try

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In today’s Pure Intentions Coffee Morning Brew segment, one man has gone viral for a rose tattoo and a woman shares a wine hack you may want to try.

One man has gone viral for a tattoo that people on Reddit are calling rude! A photo of the man’s rose tattoo on his arm was posted to Reddit’s “Bad Tattoo’s Forum”. People responded to the post saying the black and white flower petals looked more like male genitalia than a rose. Others said the rose looked like a clenched fist. The person with the tattoo has remained anonymous.

A woman is going viral on TikTok for a wine hack you may want to try at home! The woman suggests pouring any leftover wine from the holidays into ice cube trays and then freezing it. She says one of the best uses for leftover Christmas wine is using it to enhance the flavor in recipes for risottos, stews, and soups.