Guinness World Record Breaker Tattoos His Biggest Fear On His Body For A Good Cause

NEW YORK, N.Y– Michael Amoia breaks a Guinness World Record for most tattoos, collecting a staggering 864 insect tattoos on his body and he’s doing it all for a good cause.

Amoia claims his fear of insects is what prompted him to tattoo his body with an assortment of beetles, ants, centipedes and moths. He has a total of 89 ants on left arm and additional 36 stretching from his forearm to his biceps, according to the Guinness World Records.

Amoia intends to create an NFT out of his tattoos and validate with the Guinness World Record and donate the proceeds to under privileged children.

“My tattoos have a personal meaning to me as it takes me back to my childhood, and I figure it’s a nice full circle story.”