Survey Says Nearly 90% Of CMS Teachers Want To Keep Masks In Schools

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Association of Educators conducted a survey asking members how they felt about the school board potentially dropping the mask mandate. CMS teacher Justin Parmenter is one of them.

“Some internal member survey that we conducted, 88% of the members of Charlotte Mecklenburg Association of Educators felt this is the wrong time to drop the mask mandate,” Parmenter says

Parmenter also says Generation Nation, Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s largest student organization, surveyed members of the district’s high school student advisory council last week. It found 81% believe the school mask mandate should not be lifted yet.

“It just seems like at this moment to remove one level of mitigation that’s helping our staff to feel safe if that is how they feel, and the data I’ve seen indicates that it is. It seems like it’s worth at least having a conversation with the people who are going to be the most impacted before you make that move.”

Mecklenburg County is ending its mask mandate on February 26th following a recommendation from County Health Director Dr. Raynard Washington. Schools and child care centers have been told to plan to transition to a mask optional plan by March. School Board member Rhonda Cheek tells WCCB she’s listening to Dr. Washington.

“I understand that there’s concern, consternation, disappointment, fear, anxiety by teachers by staff, and I’m just going to rely on what the public health department policy says in his recommendation,” Cheek says.