Food Trucks In The Area Adjusting How They Operate To Due To High Gas And Food Prices

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Tin Kitchen food trucks offer gourmet tacos, quesadillas, sliders, and more. But if you live outside of the uptown area, you may not see their trucks for a while.

“Man, it’s taking 45 minutes to get out there, gas and the labor for that travel, we don’t do that as often as we were doing it. So yeah, staying closer within the I-485 loop, close to uptown works better for us,” says general manager Michael Terril.

Terril tells WCCB their expenses have gone up exponentially with the soaring gas prices.

“It’s costing us by the minute. Not only do we use gas to travel to service, but running service, we have generators to power all of our equipment in, so to be physically open is costing us. It’s more expensive by the minute.”

It’s not just gas, but food prices are packing a punch. Terril says protein prices have gone through the roof. So they’ve had to reduce their menu.

“Is it feasible to offer an eight-dollar taco, probably not as much as we want to offer this delicious item, if no one’s going to buy it because we got to put it at this price, we’re just not gonna offer it.”