CMS Leaders Hosted A Discussion To Find A Solution To The Uptick In Violence On Campuses

CHARLOTTE, NC. — During Wednesday night’s meeting at Meyers Park High School, WCCB heard from students and parents about what a safe school looks and feels like. Also, what resources are available in the community and are working on drafting a strategic plan to reduce violence.

“Other community partners and agencies coming together to show what is happening, what is available, to interrupt violence and create a safer place,” says Rosanna Saladine-Subero, Director of Community Partnerships and Family Engagement with CMS.

Two Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools will soon use clear backpacks. Cochrane Collegiate Academy and Hopewell High School will be pilot programs. Later this spring, students at all middle and high schools will get them. CMS spent $441,000 on 46,000 clear backpacks after nearly two dozen weapons were found on school campuses. We’re told contracts were signed last week for body scanners at 7 high schools in the district.

9th grader at Meyers Park High School Xavia Derry-Candlaria tells me she feels safe at school for the most part and want wants the district to provide more resources to help.

“It defiantly scares me sometimes knowing that we have to have clear backpacks to coming next year and how many weapons have been found on campus. I just think that these issues need to be tackled. It’s very important because I need to feel safe when I go to school,” Derry-Candlaria says.