Ford v Ferrari Movie Car Will Be Featured At Charlotte AutoFair

CONCORD, N.C. –GT40 sports car featured in the 2019 film ‘Ford v Ferrari’ will make its first off-screen appearance at the Charlotte Motor Speedway’s AutoFair in April.

A little history for you:

Since the introduction of racing, European car manufacturers like Bugatti, Jaguar, and Aston Martin have dominated long-distance endurance racing. Based on real-life events, the film chronicles the story behind Ford Motor CO.’s conquest to outperform every vehicle on the race track. In an attempt to build a company with the fastest cars, Henry Ford II made an offer to buy Ferrari and its flock of cars in 1963. Just before the deal was set to conclude Enzo Ferrari withdrew due to a different view of financial handling with Ford.

The change of plans fueled Ford to build his own engine that would not only be faster than the Ferrari but one that would win the 24 Hours of Le Man’s car race, Thus the film was born.

What to expect:

Provided by the Volo Museum in Volo, Illinois, the ‘Ford v Ferrari’ car will be the centerpiece of a four-car GT40 display at the Charlotte AutoFair on April 7-10 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The Charlotte Auto fair features over 50 car club displays and is occupied by more than 10,000 vendors. Participants are presented with an array of automotive parts and memorabilia. The fair will also offer more than 1,500 collectible vehicles of all makes and models during the mile and a half speedway throughout the four-day event.

The fair will run from 8 a.m to 6 p. m Thursday through Saturday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m on Sunday.

Where to buy your tickets:

Tickets start at $10 and increase depending on the day. Weekend passes are available. Admissions for children 12 and under are free!

To purchase your ticket ahead of time click here, attendees can also purchase tickets at the gate or call 800-455-FANS (3267).