Huntersville Politicians Get Into Social Media Scuffle

HUNTERSVILLE, NC. — After Florida passed its so-called “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, Huntersville Mayor Pro Tem Stacy Phillips Tweeted on March 9th saying: “If you’re a kid living in a #don’tsaygay state & feel like you don’t have an adult to talk to, I got you. You’re welcome to slide into my dms to talk, to share, to express yourself confidentially. It’d be an honor to be your auntie by blessing. You’re perfect just the way you are.”

She deleted the Tweet after reportedly getting backlash. Phillips haHs not responded to WCCB’s calls or emails for comment but told The Daily Wire her statement was “Taken out of context” in ways she “Never intended” adding she would continue to “Support all people” as taught by her Christian faith.

During the Huntersville Town Board meeting last week, commissioner Derek Partee addressed the Tweet adding both he and his wife are retired SVU detectives.

“With the same credentials we are both trained to interview children who were sexually abused and raped. My fellow board members are unaware of the predatory deviants that are lurking in our churches, our schools, streets, and in our families where trust is turned into abuse,” said Commissioner Partee during the meeting.

Alisia Bergsman says hearing this from an elected official is a problem. She emailed Commissioner Partee to get any clarification on the intent of his comments, but nothing.

“Hearing the words deviants and predator when responding to something about LGBTQ, to me that’s a dog whistle. It’s something that we’ve heard historically going back decades, the negative connotation about the LGBTQ community,” adds Bergsman.

Candice Todd is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and is also a Huntersville resident. She says words matter.

“If you are either calling out your constituents as being sexually deviant which is an option of how this could be interpreted. Or you’re calling out your colleague who sitting right next to you as a sexual predator, somebody who I think is within your own party potentially. Even if not, why are we doing that on those kinds of forums,” says Todd.