Edge On The Clock: April Fool’s Day, Gaga Grammy Performance, And Disney Hugs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — April Fool’s Day is good for your health, a Gaga Grammy performance, and Disney hugs – all on Edge on the Clock.

April Fool’s Day

It’s not just an old wives tale! Laughter is good for the soul, which means April Fool’s Day can be good for your health.

Psychologist say when we laugh our bodies release some important chemicals, like oxytocin, which helps you feel close to others.

As well as dopamine, which makes us experience pleasure, and endorphins, which is a natural pain reduction chemical.

Gaga Set To Perform At Grammys

Lady Gaga is going to be part of the line-up at the 2022 Grammy Awards this Sunday.

The Recording Academy announced Friday the 12-time Grammy Winner would perform.

Gaga is also up for five additional awards at the Sunday show, including Record of the Year and Album of the Year.

BTS, Brandi Carlile, Jon Batiste, and Chris Stapleton are also set to perform Sunday.

Disney Hugs

People can soon hug their favorite Disney characters again!

As early as April 18th, Walt Disney World and Disneyland guests can get autographs, photos, and hugs and Mickey and Friends.

Since the Florida theme park reopened in July 2o20, social distancing requirements have been in place for nearly all the character interactions – that will soon change.