A Local Business Owner Who Demanded Fair Parking For Her Customers – Now Accused Of Threatening One Of Them

The owner of Good Life at Enderly Park says it's not true and the entire situation has been manipulated.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Christine Gattis says on Saturday night, she was assaulted by the owner of Good Life at Enderly Park, Robbie McNair.

“I just want her to be held accountable and I want people to be aware of the situation and I want her to learn you can’t just attack people,” says Gattis.

Gattis says she and a friend bought a ticket to Good Life at Enderly Park for Saturday night. She says the tickets come with two drink passes. When they went to the event space, she says McNair didn’t give her and her friend the drink tickets. After some back and forth trying to get the tickets, Gattis says her friend was trying to explain the situation to McNair when the arguing started to escalate.

“And I kind of knew that something just didn’t feel right. I just felt the energy, I don’t know I got scared. So I started recording immediately while she was yelling at my friend and then as soon as she saw that I started recording, she hit me.”

Gattis says McNair hit her in the head and scratched her friend in the eye, yelling at them to get out. Gattis says she tried to go upstairs to get her stuff, but McNair ran up and grabbed her by the hair pulling her down the stairs. She says McNair pulled out a fire extinguisher and a coworker at Good Life pulled out a gun.

McNair told WCCB a much different story. The owner of Good Life at Enderly Park says she told Gattis and her friend to leave, after arguing with her and telling McNair she has a horrible attitude.

“I did not hit her, well within my rights as a private club if you need to remove a patron you remove them without excessive force. I held her so that she wouldn’t be able to go up the steps. She said I’m calling the police. I held her while she called the police and told her to call the police,” McNair says.

McNair says she was holding Gattis by her clothes when she called the police and never touched her hair. She also says the person accused of having a gun, her husband, wasn’t even at the event space until after everything went down.

“Finally let her go, she said she’s going to go out the door again, she refuses to leave I literally open door and we’re pushing each other, no physical, no hitting. She was pushed out the door.”

McNair says when police came, they watched the videos, talked to customers, and police banned Gattis and her friend from coming to the club. WCCB did obtain the police report filed against McNair and CMPD has not answered my request for an update on the case. McNair says she was also wrongfully arrested recently after a back and forth on social media with a pastor of a local church, Penny Maxwell. The two have court proceedings next week.

McNair went back and forth with Noble Smoke, fighting for a shared lot she was contractually allowed to use. She says since that controversy, she’s had a target on her back.