Isolated Severe Storms Possible Thursday

Violent storms have brought large hail, damaging wind, and more than a dozen confirmed tornadoes across the midwest and southern plains over the last few days.

This cold front has weakened significantly over the last few hours. Storms have been disorganized over the last few hours, but with the front passing through the Piedmont during peak daytime heating there is still a chance for an isolated severe storm. We’ve seen a few light showers this morning, but outside of light rain, all will be quiet until mid-afternoon. This is when more scattered showers and storms will develop ahead of the front. Damaging straight-line wind and hail will be the primary threats through early evening.

Charlotte Dma Cam

TIMING: Thursday 3pm – 8pm

RISK: Low/Marginal Risk (level 1 out of 5).

THREATS: Damaging straight-line wind gusts & hail

Severe Threats

This severe threat and timing of the cold front could still shift so stay with the WCCB Charlotte weather team. You can download the WCCB Charlotte weather app where you can always find the latest updates!