Swastikas Found In Residence Halls At Queens University Of Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC. — It’s unacceptable. That’s the message from those gathering here at the Trexler Courtyard Monday night on Queens University of Charlotte campus after swastikas were found in the residence halls on campus. One was drawn on a common space whiteboard while two others were chalked on the doors of student homes.

“Heartbreak, frustration, even anger. Most common one, which is the one I felt as well, was disappointment because I expect at the University, and the university expects us as well, that if you are student here there should be good reason you’re here.

That you are a good moral character and you know how to conduct yourself,” says the coordinator of Jewish life at Queens University Noah Goldman.

Goldman says the university is taking this very seriously and the campus needs to take this time to educate themselves.

“By using our resources that we provide education to educate the campus community, faculty, staff and students on what antisemitism is in the history behind it, how it manifests itself differently than other forms of bigotry in different ways we can tackle it.”

Queens University of Charlotte sent WCCB the following statement:
“Over the past few days, swastikas, a long-standing symbol of division and hate, were found in the residence halls on the campus of Queens University of Charlotte. One was drawn on a common space whiteboard while two others were chalked on the doors of student homes. These antisemitic acts are in direct violation of our Honor Code and we denounce them as they do not reflect or represent our institutional values. Since the first symbol was found last Thursday night, we’ve been in direct contact with students affected to ensure their safety, our top priority. We have also made additional counseling services available.    Queens University takes all acts of this nature very seriously and has increased its campus security presence for the next several days as a full investigation in partnership with law enforcement continues.   

Our mission, vision and values include fostering knowledge and cultivating relationships among people with different world views, championing the dignity of all people, and working together to create a more equitable present and future. We must therefore stand in solidarity against all forms of racism, discrimination and intolerance to be a place where all are free to learn in a safe and inclusive environment.   Jewish Life and interfaith programs at Queens have grown substantially in recent years. The campus community will not allow one, or possibly two individuals, to deter our progress and pride in what we’ve created.    

Taking a positive step, Queens is hosting an on-campus gathering, “Queens Stands for Unity,” tonight, April 25th at 8:00 p.m. in Trexler Courtyard. All are welcome to join us in standing up for one another and for the larger Queens community.”