Dirt Bikes, Atv’s, And Bikes Are Wreaking Havoc And Driving Dangerously In Uptown Says CMPD

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Dirt bikes, ATV’s, and bikes are wreaking havoc and driving dangerously in uptown says CMPD. Two of those riders are accused of being connected to a shooting leaving one man possibly paralyzed.

CMPD is stepping up patrols in uptown to catch this group. Police have made nearly 30 arrests and seized eight dirt bikes and ATVs, ranging from ages 11 to mid-20’s during an operation. Investigators say they’re driving the wrong way, swerving in and out of traffic. Two of those riders are accused of being connected to a shooting, leaving one man paralyzed. April 17th, CMPD says the group was hanging out at the 200 block of W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd near Romare Bearden Park when they made a comment to a man driving a car. He confronted them and a fight broke out.

“Another subject that’s later identified as Jermaine Walker pulls a handgun out of his waistband in points it at him. The victim then goes back to his vehicle, he then backs up comes up towards the road and in between this there’s another vehicle stopped in the roadway,” says CMPD Captain Brett Balamucki.

Captain Balamucki says 18-year-old Makahi Alfayad grabbed a handgun and shot into the vehicle, which the victim’s spine, potentially paralyzed him. The group of bikers fled. Walker and Alfayad were later arrested and another detective realized they are connected to another crime–a confrontation on the road.

“And said hey, I’m looking at something connected with them on one of his cases that happened on 10 April over on Valleydale where a gentleman was shot inside of a vehicle and his dog was also shot.”

Balamucki says these young men are putting themselves and the public in danger. Adding–riding bikes in the streets of uptown, even popping a wheelie, is fine until you put others in danger.

“We are not against kids expressing themselves in different ways, but as it gets to where it becomes criminally unlawful, we are going to stand with that to keep people safe, including them even if they don’t understand it.”

Another disturbing piece of this–police says Walker made one of the handguns with a kit ordered online.