City Of Charlotte Proposed $3.2 Billion Budget Revealed

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s the largest City of Charlotte budget ever! The more than $3 billion budget comes with no tax increases or reductions in core services.

Most council members say they’re initially please with the outline, but need to digest the details.

“I think a $3 billion budget represents growth in this community and that we’re taking our place in this country,” Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles said.

A massive price tag for a growing city. The $3.24 billion for the next year to increase economic development, create safe neighborhoods and build on needed infrastructure.

The budget includes no tax increase for residents, a $50 million boost to affordable housing, and an 8 percent raise for full time city employees. Starting salaries will be $20 an hour, police officers and firefighters are also looking at a pay raise.

“I think he did a good job of incorporating increases for the staff for the city employees reflecting our inflationary environment,” council-member  Ed Driggs said.

On the housing front, money will be used to secure new units as well as preserve current units for affordable housing.

“There is a lot of resources to approach affordable housing in many different capacities,”councilman Braxton Winston said. “There is more and more opportunities in our corridors.”

Councilman Winston says he is pleased with the amount of money put towards housing. But other council members caution that a large chunk of funds included in the budget are one time federal dollars.

“So if we get used to that amount of money,” Driggs said. “We’re going to have to be able to manage expectations and live within our means when the federal money stops.”

The public will have a chance to voice their thoughts on the budget next week. The budget will be up for a vote at the end of the month.