Don’t Waste Your Money: Economy Airline Ticket Warning

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– With so many people traveling this summer, airfares are up sharply this year. Flying now averages over $300 per ticket, according to The reasons: soaring jet fuel prices, a pilot shortage, and a surge in travel, as Americans return to the skies. So you may be looking for the cheapest fare you can find.

If so, however, you might want to be careful purchasing the cheapest ticket, which often is a Basic Economy fare. Basic Economy is tempting: for instance, we found a flight on Delta from Houston to Columbus Ohio for $344 roundtrip in Basic Economy, or $364 in the main cabin. But Forbes magazine says that $20 in savings may not be worth it. In a recent report, it says downsides include:
-No advance seat assignment,
-You’ll typically be last to board the plane.
-Only one carry-on bag allowed in most cases.
-No earning Delta Skymiles.
-No ticket changes in many cases.

Which brings us to the “doesn’t that stink” file: no changes to that Basic Economy ticket. During the pandemic, most airlines started allowing free flight changes. But Forbes says many are removing that perk now for basic economy, and that stinks.

Is it really worth all that, to save just $20 on that ticket? Besides, you’ll probably end up sitting by the lavatory in the back of the plane, and that stinks in so many ways. Bottom line: just because one fare you find is $25 – $50 dollars less than another, may not really mean its the cheapest fare. So don’t waste your money.