More Info About Why A CMS Board Member Stepped Down

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — CMS Board Member Rhonda Cheek is sharing more about what led her to announce that she will not be running for re-election.

Cheek, who’s represented the Huntersville area since 2009, said this was not an easy decision but the right one for her family.

“I still am very passionate about education and children’s issues, but I’m exhausted,” Cheek said. “Mentally and physically worn out from the stress and the chaos from the last couple of years.”

Cheek calls herself a PTA and soccer mom who loves children and education. She says the pandemic has changed her priorities and allowed her to refocus on her family.

“I feel like i spent two years fighting and that takes a toll on your bottom,” Cheek said.

She was in opposition with the board on many occasion when it came to keeping students home during the pandemic.

The district one board member also discusses the extension of former superintendent Earnest Winston’s contract.

“At the time, a leadership change did not make sense to me,” Cheek said. “And so I am okay with that.”

She says safety in schools is also a major focus for the remainder of her term.

“We need to keep that as a huge focus because kids need to be safe and staff need to be safe for them to learn,” Cheek said.

Having led the district through the recession in 2010 and the pandemic the last few years, Cheek says she hopes people will remember her time on the board for her dedication to student success.

Cheek had initially said she would be seeking re-election, but that has since changed, her term ends at the end of the year.