Julius Chambers High School Forfeit 2021-22 Football Season Due To Ineligible Player

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A third Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools football program must forfeit it’s wins from last season and pay a fine for using an ineligible player.

According to CMS, Julius Chambers High School used an ineligible player last season.

They must forfeit all their games and pay a $250 fine.

Myers Park and West Charlotte high schools also self reported similar violation.

CMS launched an action plan earlier this week to respond to the violations.

It includes a coach symposium and program evaluation.

Former coaches say the response doesn’t go far enough.

“You see coaches who move from one school to the next school to the next school. I think there should be some type of accountability, whether it be contractually or something to make sure they’re held accountable as well,” Former NFL player and CMS coach Glenn Deveaux said.

He says the actions these coaches are taking are embarrassing and he’s hoping to see a change next season.