What The Tech: App of the Day, Hooked


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Summer is a time for drinking lemonade, combing a beach, and reading. There’s a reason there’s a phrase “Summer reading”. Sure you may not have time to get engrossed in a book but do you have time to read text messages?

That’s the idea behind a creative app called “Hooked”.

Stories are told by characters who are sending texts to one another. I’ve been reading the story of a young woman who hears a baby crying downstairs. Through a panicked text, her mother says “Do Not Go Down There! There’s something you don’t know about your father.” The gripping story is told a few words at a time like you’re in their group texts following along.

Hooked has dozens of similar stories. Mystery, horror, romance, and comedy to choose from. Some of the stories have audio so you hear the texts being read.

And there are other stories in a movie format. Highly produced with good actors and special effects. Mysteries and horror stories seem to be the best and there are many to choose from.

I found at least one story told through even newer technology, FaceTime video calls between characters.

“Hooked” has gotten mixed reviews in both app stores but I’ve found all of the stories entertaining and well done. And the fact I can pick up where I left off when I have just a few minutes, makes the Hooked app an easy way for me to enjoy a good story.

Critics have generally panned the free version of the app which limits how much you can watch or read at one time. A subscription is $4.99 a month for all the stories and no ads.

And if you’re the creative type, you can write for “Hooked” yourself and earn royalties on your story