The Snark: Chewing Ice, Eating Ice & Maroon 5 Advice

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – On “Southern Charm,” Naomi and Craig were in a serious relationship years ago but broke up. They recently hooked up but they don’t want people to think they’re getting back together. Maybe they do because the show is really boring. They reminisce about their early love and remember why they’re not together. Ice!

On “The Family Chantel,” Pedro is mad that his wife Chante; isn’t acting as a maid and chef after she worked three 12 hour shifts in a row as a nurse.

Maroon 5 is catching heat in South Korea for using a rising sun flag in announcing the band’s upcoming concert in Seoul.

Car color is more important to men than to women, according to a survey.

Finally, a town mayor marries a gator. And it isn’t in Florida!

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