Pet and child safety for this summer

Summer safetyThis summer is looking to be a pretty hot one! One of the things a lot of people dread is going back to their Toyota after it had been parked for a while. It’s like you’re stepping inside of a sauna! Imagine how a pet or child would feel if you left them in a hot car while you ran errands. Above any other item you remove from a hot car in North Charlotte, you want to make sure your loved ones are safe. Toyota of North Charlotte has put together a list of what you need to know about the dangers of leaving pets or children unattended in a hot car.

The dangers of a hot car

It’s important that you keep either your pet’s safety or your child’s safety in mind whenever they are in your North Charlotte Toyota. You may think that leaving them in the car for just a moment won’t hurt, but you never know what could hold you up or how they will respond to the intense temperatures. Here are some facts about the adverse effects leaving an animal or child in a hot car can do, and some information about high temperatures in cars in general.

  • The inside of a car can reach temperatures of over 102 degrees even when it’s just 85 degrees outside!
  • Pets can suffer from heat stroke or death if left inside a hot car for too long.
  • A young child’s body temperature can rise up to five times faster than that of an adult’s.
  • There is no evidence that shows “cracking the window” with the idea of letting cooler air inside of your Toyota is helpful. Even with an open window, there have been cases of pets and children being put in danger because of the heat.

How to protect children and pets in North Charlotte

There are some pretty simple things you can do to protect your children and animals from the dangers of a hot car. Toyota of North Charlotte has some simple tips:

If you see an animal or child trapped inside of a car and you’re worried about their well-being, be sure to find help! You can try to find a way to contact the owner of the car from the businesses that the car is parked near. If you can’t reach them, be sure to contact emergency services right away!

Our team at our North Charlotte dealership wants to make sure you, and your family, stay safe this season! Be sure to always be aware of pets and children in hot cars when you’re out and know how to respond. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to call Toyota of North Charlotte at (888) 883-3797.

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