The Snark: The Bachelorettes, 90 Day & Chick-fil-A

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – While Derek was off, the bachelorette premiered. but this time it’s bachelorettes as BFF’s Rachel and Gabby are trying to find love together, out of the same group of guys. There’s just one problem. The guys have a choice as well.

On “90 Day Fiance,” Emily, Kobe and their almost 2 year-old son Koban are all living in her parents house. Her parents are also paying for their upcoming wedding as neither is working. For that reason, Emily’s mom and dad have just one rule. In a preview of Sunday’s “90 Day,” Jibri’s parents are sick of him and his fiance Miona freeloading.

Other options as Chick-Fil-A is postponing Cow Appreciation Day again this year.

Finally, weird news starring two adorable chihuahuas.

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