Officials Say Chemical’s Release In Charlotte Deemed Unlawful 

The Latest:

Officials say an environmental cleanup company violated Mecklenburg County’s “objectionable odor rule” when it accidentally released a chemical that caused the smell of rotten eggs to take over Charlotte.

Mecklenburg County Air Quality’s (MCAQ) investigation of the odor event on July 14th is still ongoing.

MCAQ is requiring Legacy Environmental Services, LLC to provide information that will help determine next steps

Update (7/14/22):

Officials say an unintentional release of the odorant mercaptan by a local environmental clean up company is causing the odor in Charlotte, not a natural gas leak.

Officials with Piedmont Natural Gas say mercaptan does not pose a danger or require evacuation.

Piedmont actually injects mercaptan into natural gas to give it a distinctive smell of rotten eggs, making it easy to detect.

Natural gas by itself has no smell, according to a news release.

Piedmont, in coordination with local fire and city officials, has discovered that an environmental company near uptown Charlotte was destroying mercaptan tanks that were mistakenly reported empty, causing the widespread odor.

Piedmont says it is bringing crews in from across the Carolinas to respond to all emergency calls they have received from this odorant leak to verify that a natural gas leak is not present.

The National Weather Service believes the inversion will lift within a few hours which will help dissipate the smell of the odor throughout Charlotte.

Customers with questions or concerns should call Piedmont Natural Gas at 800-752-7504.

Anyone who smells natural gas in their home or business should immediately call 800-752-7504 or 911.

Original Story (7/14/22):

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte Fire, CMPD, The National Weather Service and Piedmont Natural Gas are working to identify the source of a natural gas odor in the Charlotte area.

The city says please do not call 911, they are aware and there is no need to report this.

Please only report this odor if you have a related medical emergency or you feel the odor is coming from your home or building.

Several businesses in the Charlotte area have closed.

The National Weather Service has confirmed a weather inversion is making the odor easier to smell, and they are working with Piedmont Natural Gas to continue to investigate the source.