Charlotte-Mecklenburg Officials Update On Hurricane Preparations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Friday morning, officials updated the community on storm preparations and ahead of Hurricane Ian.

Community members are asked to only call 911 for emergencies. Call 911 for downed trees on houses, powerlines, and blocking roads.

The hours for Char-Meck 311 on Saturday have been extended to 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can call 311 for blocked storm drains, creek blockages, fallen trees that are not life-threatening, and water and waste water issues.

Officials stress that the public needs to stay off the roads if possible and move over for emergency personnel.

Do not drive through standing water and, if you do happen to hydroplane, keep your wheel steady and do not slam on your brakes.

Generators inside are a dangerous source of carbon monoxide, and putting oil into a hot motor can cause an explosion.

If you see power lines down, do not approach the lines and call Duke Energy at 1-800-777-9898. If power lines are sparking or causing a fire, call 911.

Numerous first responders are on standby and the Charlotte Fire Department has prepared for water rescues. As of yesterday, the Fire Department had received twelve calls regarding trees on power lines and homes.

Charlotte Emergency Medical Services has responded to fourteen car accidents since midnight.