The Tropics Look More Like August This November

There is less than four weeks until the end of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season

The tropics are busier this November than they were in August!

  •  Hurricane Lisa made landfall in Belize Wednesday afternoon. Lisa is now a Tropical Depression as it continues to move inland across Central America. This is no threat to the United States.

Tropical Track

  •  Martin is still a hurricane in the north central Atlantic. This is not a threat to the United States as it will race to the north before turning east.

Tropical Track 2

  • There are two more areas to watch, both with low development chances for now. One is over the northwestern Caribbean Sea, the other east of Bermuda.Tropical Weather Outlook Am

Early this week we had two hurricanes in the Atlantic basin, Lisa and Martin. Since 1851, two hurricanes simultaneously in the Atlantic with winds of 85 mph+ has only happened twice. in 1932 and in 2001.Tropical Frequency

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season ends on November 30th.