Community Matters Cafe: Make A Difference With A Simple Cup Of Coffee

CHARLOTTE, N.C.   – The Community Matters Cafe stands as an extension program of the Charlotte Rescue Mission, a program focused on addiction recovery.

Following a free 120-day recovery program, graduates are offered additional support to ensure that they secure long-term employment.

In 2019 the Skills Program at Community Matters Cafe was launched. Students that are enrolled in the six-month program are able to accomplish tasks like adhering to a schedule, financial responsibility, and healthy ways to cope with conflict and stress while managing their recovery.

Charlotte’s community is investing in the future of survivors just by simply enjoying a cup of coffee.

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Photo credit: Community Matters Cafe

Community Matters Cafe is an exquisite place to dine with artisan-made meals like skillet-cooked breakfast, sugar-crusted french toast, and summer short ribs, and grits.

If you’re in the mood for a brew the cafe has intricate flavors like cinnamon bun mocha, wild strawberry tea with a hint of vanilla, and peach lemonade garnished with cucumber, mint, and basil.

By visiting Community Matters Cafe, students will be assured their community is supportive and believers in their growth and future as much as they do.

 Location + Hours

Monday – Friday  | 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday | Closed

821 W 1st Street Charlotte, NC 28202