Nascar Hall Of Fame Adds The Class Of 2023

CHARLOTTE, NC – It was a night of historic figures gathering to honor three men who impacted the sport of Nascar in so many ways.  Two were drivers.  Matt Kenseth and Hershel Mcgriff, who by the way is 95 years young, along with one of the best crew chiefs ever, Kirk Shelmerdine who partnered up with Dale Earnhardt Senior

“Dale was not hard to figure out.  He had…just put me in front of the other cars.  It was very simple. The solutions are not quite as simple, that is all he wanted.  Get me out in front and a car that will stay there,” said Kirk Shelmerdine.
“Well you know I have been around Nascar since 1950, seventy three years so.  I have always had a good time with them, done alot for them pr wise and that is why they have rewarded me through years with all the things I have done,” said Hershel McGriff.
And for those already in the Nascar Hall of Fame, they say all three are more than deserving.
“You got one going in older than I am you know and then you got youngers ones as far as I am concerned. But everybody that has been in racing whether they worked on cars or changed tires or owned cars, had a part in getting Nascar to where it is at today,” said Richard Petty.
“Yea and even Matt told me last night, you know I don’t deserve to be here and that is Matt.  Right he is a humble guy.  Incredibly talented. One of the most talented drivers I ever raced against,” said Jeff Gordon.
“People forgot how dominant the Kirk Shelmerdine, Dale Earnhardt combination was with those big old big window Monte Carlos and that black 3 car,” said Ray Evernham.