Restaurant With History Of Overcoming Racism Will Open New Location In Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new restaurant is opening in Charlotte this week and the history behind it is something to celebrate.

The original owner of Harold’s Chicken was black. He overcame some tough odds to stay open. Today, there’s a new set of challenges as new owners try to keep that legacy thriving.

Bobbie Robinson and her brother Eliot Mosby are opening up the newest Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar in University City.

“We brought a little taste of the Chi to Charlotte,” said Robinson.

The business started in Chicago and has branched out to Georgia, New Jersey and now North Carolina to get in on the booming market.

“This has a lot of potential. It’s up-and-coming,” explained Robinson on the opening in Charlotte.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing to get the doors open. The original plan was to open the restaurant about six months ago.

COVID slowed construction and the ability to get necessary materials.  Some of those goods they know have — sure cost a pretty penny.

“With any business you have highs and lows. Unfortunately, with eggs, are at an all time high,”

Harold’s employs about 60 staff members. Including some just looking for a second chance.

“One of the things I’m most proud of is we partnered with a local community program that works with cooks. Teaches them a skill set. The cooks within that program either come from underprivileged backgrounds or previously incarcerated,” continues Mosby, “we want to give people opportunity.”

The grand opening of the Charlotte location is Friday.