Burke County Animal Services Provides A Unique Spin On Valentine’s Day Love

Burke County Animal Services is hosting a Valentine’s Day-themed fundraiser starting Wednesday, February 1st.

Valentines Day Burke County Animal Service

Beginning with a tradition that we all know and love, Doggy or Kitty Grams. For a $50 donation, schedule someone a visit with a furry friend on Valentine’s Day. This lucky someone will be visited by a cute and cuddly dog or cat and enjoy a delectable cupcake to celebrate.

For the single ones in the room, you can have your ex or enemy’s name written on a puppy pad or litter box to be used on February 14th. For just $25, make your day and help some pets in need behind this Love Stinks initiative.

All donations proceed to the Animal Services Foundation, Inc to fund a new shelter.

This unique experience at love or loathe ends on February 13th so get them while you can.