Local Mother Wants Answers Following Release Of CMPD Body Camera Video Showing Man’s Encounter With Police

CHARLOTTE — A local mother is searching for answers and justice after her beloved son died in CMPD custody 8 months ago.

The mother of Jovontay Williams watched the body cam video CMPD released.  It shows the encounter between Williams, CMPD Officers and first responders last June.

According to CMPD, officers were called to Featherstone Drive on June 13, 2022, after someone reported hearing gunshots outside their home.  Police later found Williams on a front porch, suffering from a medical emergency.  He died at the hospital hours later. Williams mother says it took nearly 20 minutes for her son to get medical attention while in police custody.

“You all have a duty here.  And if my son called out for help and you all said no, we’re just gonna let him lay here until the EMT’s come, and out of all of that the fire department, police department, no one took the initiative to say ‘hey let’s set him up,” says Christa Williams, Jovontay’s mother.

At the scene, officers say they recovered a firearm belonging to Williams, along with a shell casing that was determined to have been fired from this firearm. It was also determined that the initial residence was struck by gunfire during the incident.

The SBI has completed its investigation.  The DA’s Office says it found no evidence of criminal violations by CMPD.