Family Of Shanquella Robinson Calls On President Biden For Help In Case

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  A renewed call for justice 400 miles away from Charlotte.  The family of Shanquella Robinson is now pushing the Justice Department to step in and make arrests in the case.

Family members, a group of attorneys and local activists stood boldly along the steps of the Dorothy Height Building in Washington, D.C. to push for justice for Robinson.  The 25-year-old Charlotte business woman was vacationing with six people in Cabo when she mysteriously died on October 29, 2022.  A video was later released which shows Robinson being attacked inside a villa.  Family members say she suffered a severe spinal cord injury and a broken neck.  But, no one has been arrested in her death.

Robinson’s family has hired Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump to help them get the Justice Department involved in the case.

Local activists say if they don’t hear anything from authorities this month, they’ll plan for a march in Washington in April.